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Watch This is the first time I'm sleeping with someone. He's been my boyfriend for a few months, he's a lot older than me, but I do not care. Although many say he is not for me, I love him and I'm crazy about him. A proof of my love is that I decided to give him my most precious treasure and although I was afraid to feel the pain, another part of me said that everything would be fine. My boyfriend started to touch me slowly and my pussy started to secrete a liquid that I had never known before. My body was hot and I felt a strange tingling in my belly. I asked my man to make it very slow and smooth, because I did not want to feel pain. But when her fingers entered my vagina, the only thing I felt was pleasure and in my mind I only asked that her penis come in just as easily and deliciously. porn video amateur blowjobs , guy fingers porn , Free Mobile Porn Website

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